Strategic Business Coaching

Tara Stone
Team Leader & Strategic Business Coach. 



As a serial entrepreneur I know how we can we can operate from a solo island. I am dedicated to inspiration, growth both personally and professionally with a powerful mindset.  I am passionate about coaching professionals as a whole person, incorporating big why discovery, goal setting and the power of accountability.





For the past 16 years I have held an active Real Estate license with a strong background in commercial, reo and residential real estate sales including the launch of three successful brokerages. My true life experiences allows me to relate on a valid level with entrepreneurs at every stage or challenge. My passions are rooted in an holistic coaching apprach as it is my firm beleif that you cannot separate or compartmentalize authenticity.



Client Reviews

Tara helped me double my business from $8 million in volume to over $16 million in less then 12 months. While it wasn’t always comfortable, she was there to support me and hold me accountable to my commitments.
— Fred Loren
The holistic coaching approach is one of the things that makes Tara so unique to work with.. She didn’t just shove cold calling and scripts down my throat, instead she worked with my personal strength and helped me hone my skills on the lead generation that was authentic to me
— Betsy Conti
I needed a coach who understood that I was a mom, wife and then a real estate professional and in that order. Tara not only “got it” she helped me find priority in every area of my life and I ended up worker smarter, making more money and spending MORE time with my family and myself!
— Jaime Lagas